Danilkin Alyosha: return to the world of sounds

Good evening, dear Monica!

 My name is Danilkina Olga and I live in Ukraine, Kiev.

 I have two sons and the elder son Alexey, 22, was born with a handicap. He taught us a lot and helped us to understand a lot. We try to solve his hearing problems and constantly get to know wonderful people and you are one of those. Yesterday we received from you the most coveted and most necessary gift – the sound processor! Today the device has been successfully adopted. Next week we will have all the necessary adjustments made and Alyosha will be able return to the world of sounds, music and communication.

Our hearing aid is more than 6 years old already – it was adjusted in April 2012 and for more than one and a half years Alyosha has not been able to hear. The chances of getting such a hearing aid from the state are there, but so far very unrealistic: Maybe in March 2019 or may be in August. Alyosha is already a grown man and the fact that he is completely dependent on the device gets on his nerves. He tries to find solutions, and the unclear situation with the current hearing aid has brought him into such a sad mood, that he has already regretted the operation, and he has been afraid that the whole thing is going to be the same again 5-6 years later. It is possible for us to solve the problem here in Kiev, but in this case we would have to go such a long way – for example, pay for the device ourselves.

I am writing this to let you know that you helped us solve the problem. Not only did you send Alyosha the device, but you also gave my son a chance to hear again without any problem. The problem that took us so many efforts and time has been now successfully solved with your help. You gave us time to wait for the device and finally get it.

Monika, we are sincerely grateful for your participation and your desire to help! Thank you for having noticed our problems and big thanks for your help.If you have any problems and I can help you in some way- please contact me. I will do my best to help you!

I am very grateful.

Danilkina Olga




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