Hakob Hakobyan


Hakobyan HakobDear Dr Monika Lehnhardt,

This is family of Hakobyan Hakob (born 22.02.2010, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia), the kid, thanks to you, had cochlear implantation in 2011 April, Moscow, Russian Federation..

First, let us to congratulate you: Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hakob’s family wishes you and your family strong health, wellness, big luck and a great progress to the beneficence that you do.
Like numerous children, Hakob belongs to that happy kids who, thanks to you and your kind activities, enjoys the beautiful sounds of our great and bright world. As a result of cochlear implantation the unceasing careless smile is always on face of our child.

Taking into consideration that in 2016 September 1st Hakob will attend school (after pre-school college that he attends now) for the first time, and that his implantation was made almost 5 years ago (2011 April), and the high importance of right, clear and crystal perception of knowledge by the kid especially during the first periods of school, our family wants to purchase The Nucleus® 6 System during the next 3-4 months, so our kid can use it for school.

Hakobyan Hakob

Once again accept our congratulations for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Our best wishes to you.



Hakobyan family.


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