We had a reunion !
When I landed at the airport in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on January 22, 2019, Shakira's father was waiting for me and welcomed me together with Shakira and her sister Jasmine, both with flowers in their hands. Her friendly, open smile did not disappoint that Shakira prudently appraised me first. When I thanked her for the flowers and asked her in English how she was doing, she politely replied "I am fine". This initial shyness, however, came off very quickly when I was sitting in the back seat of the car with the two girls on the way to town and we started playing together.
If you did not know, you would not have noticed that Shakira was a CI recipient. Her vivacious nature, her uninterrupted talk with her sister on Bengali, her spontaneous response when addressed, in no way indicated this fact.
When I first met Shakira, she had been a 10-week-old baby and now, 10 years later, a self-confident girl with a beaming smile was sitting next to me, celebrating her 10th birthday the next day, which she was obviously looking forward to it.
Arriving home, I realized very quickly that Shakira, in her lively way, kept the whole family busy as long as she was not 'floating' around the apartment, singing and dancing. She was the living proof of a successful integration into the family after conquering the congenital deafness and I enjoyed this condition very much. In a later conversation with the parents, we recalled the time before receiving the CI at the age of three and the liberation for Shakira and her family when Shakira finally could hear and started catching up learning how to speak.
The birthday party was very joyful and when I, as a guest and as it is tradition, got a piece of the birthday cake shovelled into my mouth by the birthday girl, I also felt integrated. My conversation with Shakira went smoothly. Her English vocabulary was not yet enough to allow for a longer conversation, but her sister was always within reach to help out when Shakira spilled on me in her mother tongue, and I got the impression that there she did not have any lack of enough vocabulary.
This is all the more pleasing as Shakira goes to a 'normal' school, which ,however, places value on inclusion. Her class teacher, whom I met while visiting Shakira's school, was very fond of her student with a hearing implant being that eager to learn. Thanks to the fact that
classes with a maximum of 12 children are kept relatively small, the teacher makes it possible to successfully integrate such handicapped children into the class and to take their personal learning needs into account. I had the feeling that Shakira was in good hands with this teacher and the learning success confirmed that.
I do not know when the next reunion will take place. Fortunately, the digital connection will bridge the gap in time and give me the opportunity to continue sharing in Shakira's marvellous development.


Klaus Gollnick

Ears for Vlada

We would like to share the history of our “golden ears”. In our family in the middle of the snowy January, a daughter was born. She was given the name Vlada, based on her mood for life. My daughter was a long-awaited child, ordinary childbirth, no problems. It was 6 months and we began to notice a soft reaction to the sounds. Well, I remember the day of June 30, 2017, when doctors diagnosed deafness for my child. Doctors explain it is deaf-dumb (this is analogous form of psychological help in our country). Until the end, having not believed it, in September in a children’s clinic in Nice, the diagnosis was confirmed. Fortunately, there are methods of hearing aids, but the cost of such an implant was from 25 thousand euros without surgery. There was a little time, so as not to miss the opportunity to learn to hear, speak and conduct dialogue, it is urgent to make an implantation. Confusion and disappointment quickly gave way to finding solutions. In two months, we received answers from European clinics and met with Dr. Monika Lenghardt and the coordinator of the Heart for Children Assistance Foundation Lyubov Volovik. Subsequently, with their help, as well as families and colleagues, we made cochlear implantation in Nice in March 2018. And in a few months, Vlada began to grow swiftly into the world of sounds and to please the people around with their conversation. Of course, her mother-teacher, along with the surdo pedagogue Nadiya, works a lot to get an excellent result. In January 2019, Vlada received a second implant and will soon be heard fully.

I can not say thank to the local authorities. In Ukraine, in order to carry out implantation of more than 450 children, more than 150 children are waiting for replacement, there are no training and service programs for such people. Many volunteers try to help, but at the country level, the Ministry of Health for two years can not appoint a representative to a working group to address the problems of people with hearing impairments. The ministry seems to be interested only in who will receive a tender for the purchase of implants. And in Kyiv, the Department of Health in the best practices of the past tries to counteract the parents’ attempts to improve the service for people with hearing problems and to organize social control.

with best regards,

father of Vlada, Aleksander P.

Profil Daniel Brodmann

Herr Brodmann

Herr Daniel Brodmann (1967), von Ettingen Kanton Basel-Landschaft (BL) Schweiz, wohnhaft in Ormalingen (BL), ist in Therwil (BL) aufgewachsen, wo er sämtliche obligatorischen Grundschulen absolviert hat. Nach Abschluss der kaufmännischen Lehre bei der Basler Versicherungs-Gesellschaft in Basel, hat er in der ehemaligen Lehrfirma in der Zeit von 1986 – 1988 erste Berufserfahrungen als Sachbearbeiter in der beruflichen Vorsorge, Kollektiv Leben, gesammelt. Nach einem dreimonatigen Englandaufenthalt am St. Giles College in Brighton/GB hat er von 1988 bis 1991 an der Höheren Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungsschule (HWV) in Basel die Ausbildung zum Betriebsökonom HWV absolviert und mit Erfolg bestanden.

Von 1991 bis 1993 ist er beim damaligen Schweizerischen Bankverein (heutige UBS) in der Internen Revision Konzern als Revisionsassistent tätig gewesen. In dieser Zeit absolvierte er erfolgreich die Grundausbildung zum Thema Bankenrevision an der Kammerschule in Zürich. 1994 wechselte er zur KPMG in Basel in die Abteilung Business & Outsourcing Services. Aufgrund seines Leistungsausweises ist er 1995 zum Handlungsbevollmächtigten und 1999 zum Prokuristen befördert worden und hat bis zu seinem Austritt im Jahre 2003 die Funktion des Mandats- und Gruppenleiters bekleidet.

Es folgte in den Jahren 2003 – 2006 das Engagement als Abteilungsleiter Treuhand bei der Alltax AG, Basel, die Funktion Leiter Rechnungswesen und Liegenschaftsbuchhaltung bei der Adimmo AG, Basel, in den Jahren 2006 – 2007 und der erfolgreiche Abschluss der Ausbildung zum Finanzplaner mit eidgenössischem Fachausweis.

Im Jahre 2008 ist Herr Daniel Brodmann zur Wirtschaftsberatungsfirma Steiger, Zumstein & Partners gestossen, bei welcher er sich seit Januar 2009 als Partner in den Bereichen Unternehmensberatung und Begleitung, Rechnungswesen und Steuerberatung, Management und Administrative Funktionen, nachhaltig engagiert.

Herr Daniel Brodmann ist seit 1995 verheiratet und Vater zweier Jugendlicher, Benjamin Sebastian Brodmann (1996) und Laura Fiona Brodmann (1998). Nebst seiner Familie engagiert er sich als Trompeter und Dirigent im Blasmusikwesen und ist Mitglied des Kiwanis Club Basel und der Gesellschaft Basler Betriebsökonomen (GBB)

CI for Angel changed life in our home

Angel, Uganda

I wish to thank you so much for the support towards my daughters implant.  It has changed life in our home with happiness.

We are able to communicate which was not there before.  Angel is full of life, stress free because she can express herself.  Thank you so much for i cannot thank you enough.
I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you Angel’s amazing progress. Angel now has over 100 words as you can watch in the video.
Looking forward to continued communication.
Justine Lubanga


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Danilkin Alyosha: return to the world of sounds

Good evening, dear Monica!

 My name is Danilkina Olga and I live in Ukraine, Kiev.

 I have two sons and the elder son Alexey, 22, was born with a handicap. He taught us a lot and helped us to understand a lot. We try to solve his hearing problems and constantly get to know wonderful people and you are one of those. Yesterday we received from you the most coveted and most necessary gift – the sound processor! Today the device has been successfully adopted. Next week we will have all the necessary adjustments made and Alyosha will be able return to the world of sounds, music and communication.

Our hearing aid is more than 6 years old already – it was adjusted in April 2012 and for more than one and a half years Alyosha has not been able to hear. The chances of getting such a hearing aid from the state are there, but so far very unrealistic: Maybe in March 2019 or may be in August. Alyosha is already a grown man and the fact that he is completely dependent on the device gets on his nerves. He tries to find solutions, and the unclear situation with the current hearing aid has brought him into such a sad mood, that he has already regretted the operation, and he has been afraid that the whole thing is going to be the same again 5-6 years later. It is possible for us to solve the problem here in Kiev, but in this case we would have to go such a long way – for example, pay for the device ourselves.

I am writing this to let you know that you helped us solve the problem. Not only did you send Alyosha the device, but you also gave my son a chance to hear again without any problem. The problem that took us so many efforts and time has been now successfully solved with your help. You gave us time to wait for the device and finally get it.

Monika, we are sincerely grateful for your participation and your desire to help! Thank you for having noticed our problems and big thanks for your help.If you have any problems and I can help you in some way- please contact me. I will do my best to help you!

I am very grateful.

Danilkina Olga




Upgrade Freedom SP – Initiative 2019 Ukraine

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Einladung an Eltern von Kindern mit einem Freedom Sprachprozessor,

Wir starten eine Initiative, um sie bei Problemen mit dem Freedom SP oder Esprit zu beraten und mit einem günstigen Upgrade zu helfen. Durch eine Spende haben wir mehrere gebrauchte N5 zur Verfügung.

Melden sie bitte rasch  Ihr Interesse im Kommentarfeld unter dieser Einladung an. Beschreiben sie bitte auch ihre Situation und Probleme. Wir kontaktieren sie dann zum weiteren Vorgehen.

Sie erhalten auch eine Einladung zu persönlichen Gesprächen mit Dr.Monika Lehnhardt und Team  im Live Online Raum ab dem 20.1.2019.

Dr. Monika Lehnhardt Vorsitzende Lehnhardt Stiftung

Curriculum Vitae Dr. Dr. h.c. Monika Lehnhardt

monikalehnhardtMonika Lehnhardt wurde in Wien geboren und promovierte dort an der Alma Mater Rudolfina Universität. Sie erhielt ihren Doktortitel nach dem Studium der Philologie, Psychologie und Philosophie.

Sie hatte unterschiedliche Positionen in namhaften Firmen wie Schering (Berlin), Monsanto (Düsseldorf und Brüssel), Pharmacia (Freiburg) und sie gründete die Firma Cochlear Europe in Basel im Jahre 1987.

Weiterlesen …Curriculum Vitae Dr. Dr. h.c. Monika Lehnhardt