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Pionieers of  Cochlear Implant in Europe
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"Global CI Advocacy in Action" - that was the title of the first conference organized by CIICA, which took place in Brussels on May 9th and 10th, 2024. 100 participants from 27 countries, including 38 CI wearers, came. In a relaxed atmosphere, not only experts presented themselves as speakers, but also parents of CI children, members of parent organizations, foundations and associations as well as adult CI users. All participants found the sufficient opportunity for intensive discussions, the exchange of experiences and the targeted activities of foundations to be particularly valuable.
We are pleased to have contributed to the success of the congress by inviting 3 mothers of CI children from Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.
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We donate Ukrainian children a gift of hearing!

Since 24 February 2022, everything has changed! The Lehnhardt-Foundation has been working closely with Ukrainian families for many years. In recent years, it has provided hearing aids to around 200 children with hearing loss, paving the way for them to lead independent and equal lives. The Lehnhardt Foundation feels a special bond with these families.
Children with hearing loss should not be cut off from the hearing world, especially in these difficult times.


Prior Initiatives 2024

Old speech processors - upgrade support

If your child/protégé still has an older speech processor (Freedom/Esprit, N5, Tempo, Harmony): please contact us HERE We can advise you free of charge and help you upgrade.


Foundation projects 2020-2026

GIZ project “Development of a sustainable program for the treatment of hearing-impaired/deaf children” April 2024 - March 2026 (Kyrgyzstan)
GIZ project “Establishment of newborn hearing screening in 4 clinics & professional parent advice via hotline” February 2022 - December 2024 (Ukraine)
GIZ project “Neonatal hearing screening and early intervention” February 2021-January 2024 (Kyrgyzstan)
GIZ project “Cochlear implant care and long-term care for deaf children” August 2020-December 2022 (Kyrgyzstan)

PORA! Webinars

The next Live Online Seminar of the Lehnhardt Akademie - Cochlear Implant Knowledge:
On May 26th with Leona Pejcharová from the Czech Republic, President of the Association of Cochlear Implant Users (SUKI). Topic: «Inclusion for children with hearing impairments aged 6 to 12.»

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How does a CI work?
The explanation sounds simple
and yet it seems like a miracle

About: possible engagement

How can we support

CI is very effective but relatively expensive. We focus on Russian-speaking countries (ex-USSR) where there is no or incomplete public funding. We are taking the first step towards helping deaf adults and children in countries where they do note have support from the government. Our goal is to make life easier for those people who is peounderserved by health and social care systems. Donated used speech processors and spare parts will be tested, repaired and sent to the children if needed.

Online Consulting Centre for russian-speaking immigrant families in Germany

Since 2022, the Lehnhardt Foundation has been providing consultations for Russian-speaking families with hearing-loss children who have moved to Germany. The collaboration with the social services department of the city of Hungen, particularly with Sabine Nickel and Antje Weber, has been successful ang gave it results. They are involved not only in providing support for refugees living in Hungen but also in coordinating the efforts of volunteers who assist them.

PORA! webinars online

In 2009 we launched the PORA online webinars and since then we have world-renowned speakers covering a broad range of topics like medical questions, diagnostics, early intervention with hearing aids and / or cochlear implants, post-operative care, different methods of rehabilitation, inclusion and reports from CI-users. These webinars are accessible free of charge to all participants.
(PORA webinars - RU / EN).


We are urgently looking for volunteers who want to actively support us in all of our ambitious projects.

Donate children a gift of hearing!

Our donation link is used for monetary donations. If you have any questions, or especially if you are thinking of making a larger donation, please contact Monika Lehnhardt directly - Contact

About: The Three Key Topics

Topic 1. Childhood Deafness

Deafness is the most common health problem diagnosed in newborns. It affects 1-2 children out of every 1000 normal births.
Deafness may be invisible, but its negative long-term effect on a child’s overall development is profound.

There is, however, a way to overcome the barrier of silence:
Early intervention and cochlear implantation.


Topic 2: The Cochlear Implant

The cochlear implant (CI) provides the only possibility for a deaf child to learn to listen and speak. Applied with the right kind of supporting activities, the CI provides excellent chances for a full inclusion in kindergarten, school, higher education and employment.

The operation, performed by an experienced surgeon, lasts about 1.5 hours and, as a rule, is complication-free.


Topic 3: Early Intervention

Rehabilitation is a major factor in cochlear implant success. Much can already be done prior to the implantation, after the results of neonatal hearing screening are known.

The therapy must involve not only experts but, first and foremost, the parents. The first year of life must absolutely not be wasted in waiting for the surgery.


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