Violetta – the sole recipient of a cochlear implant from the company Advanced Bionics in Belarus – was in need. With united forces we could help.

One year – this can be a short but also a long time. For Violetta Kovreckaja from Vitebsk – the cultural capital in the North of Belarus, close to the border with Latvia, where Marc Chagall was born – it meant 12 long months of waiting.  It finally took that long until we could provide her with a replacement speech processor and an Online fitting session.

Violetta experienced her cochlear implantation at the University clinic in Ferrara in 2012. For the parents this meant a big financial effort. Luckily a few foundations contributed to cover the costs. For a couple of years Violetta and her parents travelled to Italy again and again to have the fittings of her speech processor. However, 5 year ago it was for the last time.

For over 8 years the now 13 years old schoolgirl has been wearing her Harmony, all this time he was serving her well, but now it was not functioning properly any longer.

In Belarus there is an established CI programme financed by the government. Within the framework of the annually advertised tenders, however, cochlear implants were bought from two manufacturers but not from Advanced Bionics so far. Consequently there is no chance to get an upgrade speech processor from Advanced Bionics under the programme financed by the government.

We – the Lehnhardt Foundation – effectively supported by Jan Röhrig (Deaf Ohr Alive – Hessen Rhein Main), found a donor who was ready to pass his Naida Q 90 which he did not need any longer to Violetta. We sent it to Vitebsk.

The “only thing” that was needed to organize was the fitting of the SP. Natalya Kalintscheva, a representative of the company Advanced Bionics, helped to arrange it. She also sent the necessary equipment from Moscow to a business partner, Timur Nurseitov (Fonamed) in Minsk. Technical questions concerning the remote fitting and the programming were solved by Ruslan Kertiev, also from Moscow. Already before that he offered a preparatory training for the personnel in Minsk, so that the session could happen without any problems.

Ing. Evgenija V. Burak and the surdopedagog Liubov A. Proschina from the ENT scientific-practical Center of the Republic of Belarus (RNPZ) in Minsk ( supported the family professionally and with a high level of empathy.

With united forces we succeeded: Violetta is happy and can continue to attend and thanks to good hearing perform well in normal school.

Dr. Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany
August 2021

Photo: Andrej A. Razhko und Julia V. Razhko (parents), Evgenija V. Burak und Violetta

“Violetta pursues her hobby painting with great enthusiasm”

Danke von der Stiftung aus Bishkek

Liebe Frau Dr. Lehnhardt!

Ich heiße Natalia, ich bin Koordinatorin von Uplift-Aufwind im Bereich für Ausbildung und auch bin ich für das Uplift-Mutter Programm in zwei Heimen für behinderte Kinder in der Umgebung von Bischkek zuständig.

Wir haben mit unseren Therapeuten und Uplift-Frauen die online Präsentationen auf der Website schon einige Male geschaut und haben die für unsere Arbeit sehr hilfreich gefunden. Wir haben einige Kinder mit Hörstörungen im Programm, aber die Webinare sind auch für alle Kinder nützlich , weil sie die Information über Hörentwicklung, verschiedene Arbeitstechniken und Diagnostik geben.

Ich möchte Sie für diese großartige Möglichkein herzlich bedanken!

Mit lieben Grüßen, Natalia Iatsenko












Therapiemodell Deutschland – Online Vorträge Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany / Yvonne Seebens

This is a live recording (not yet edited) of presentations on the Development and Organisation of Rehabilitation in Germany held on March 19, 2021 by Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany and Yvonne Seebens upon invitation as sole European Lecturers at the international scientific and practical online seminar “Cochlear Implantation in Kazakhstan,” dedicated to the International Day of Cochlear Implantation organized by the Republican State Enterprise “The Scientific and Practical Center for Social Rehabilitation Development” of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the RK together with “Aksai” University Clinic of KazNMU named after Asfendiyarov.

Dr.Dr.h.c.Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany: «Стационарная реабилитация для детей с кохлеарным имплантом – долгосрочный концепт в Германии»
Stationäre Rehabilitation für Kinder mit Cochlear Implant – ein nachhaltiges Konzept in Deutschland

Yvonne Seebens: «Стационарная реабилитация для детей с кохлеарным имплантом – в Центре Кохлеарной Имплантации г.Рейн-Майн»
«Stationäre Rehabilitation für Kinder mit Cochlear Implant – im CIC Rhein-Main»

Therapiemodell Deutschland – Online Vorträge Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany / Yvonne Seebens



Help for family Ovechkiny, town Usolye-Sibirskoye in Irkutsk Oblast, Russia

Artikel ist in der Magazine “Usharik”  publiziert
(for children and their parents, it is issued by the parent association “I hear the world!” since 2015)

10th February, 2020, an accident happened in the house of the family Ovechkiny — a fire completely destroyed all the property, but the most important, in this fire, the speech processor burned down, with which little Victoria could hear this world. Cochlear implantation was made to Natalia’s daughter in may 2019. After all, the girl began to understand speech, hear and enjoy sounds.

But, at the moment, the child can not hear anything. The family could not afford a new speech processor.

There is a state program that provides for its free replacement, but this is possible once every five years. In other words, waiting for four years, being in a world of silence, while simultaneously losing all the acquired skills in hearing rehabilitation, is too high price for a small person.

Victoria’s parents began to apply to various foundations and organizations with a request for support, but everywhere they were refused. However, this case did not leave indifferent two organizations whose main goal is to support families raising children with hearing loss.
United/Together, the Lehnhardt Foundation and the Association of the Parents “I hear the world!” did not stand aside and were able to support Victoria. As a result, the family purchased a new speech processor and all the necessary components so that the girl could hear again.

“The girl’s parents asked us for help. The situation for us is not standard. Often we deal with the loss of the processor or its spare parts. Here, the family immediately lost everything – says the head of the Parent Association ” I hear the world!» Dmitry Kulikov. – We, together with the Monika Lehnhardt, managed to help them. A new speech processor was purchased. Now we are preparing to transfer the processor to the family and agree with the clinic to set it up.

“The child lost her home – and this is tragic. – says Monika Lehnhardt – She also lost her speech processor which  is also a drama and therefore we decided to help and arrange for a replacement. But she also lost books and toys which are instrumental für her personal development.
Our colleague, Marina Gureva from St. Petersburg will contact the family in order to find out what is the status of speech development of the girl and which books and toys will be suitable for her. We want to keep in touch with the family long-term and see how we can support them. “


В этом году исполняется 30 лет первых кохлеарных имплантаций в России и СССР!

ФГБУ Российский научно-клинический центр аудиологии поздравляет всех пациентов и коллег с Международным днем кохлеарной имплантации!

Тем более, что эта дата также и юбилейная – в этом году исполняется 30 лет первых кохлеарных имплантаций в России и СССР. Мы гордимся тем, что первые операции в нашей стране прошли на базе нашего Центра под руководством профессора Георгия Абеловича Таварткиладзе и профессора Эрнста Ленхардта (Ганновер, Германия). На сегодняшний день количество пользователей этой замечательной технологии в нашей стране исчисляется десятками тысяч. Особо важное значение приобретает эта дата в преддверии принятия Всемирного доклада по слуху 3 марта 2021, во Всемирный день слуха. Поздравляем Вас с Праздником и желаем Вам новых успехов!

Первые кохлеарные имплантации в России – март 1991 года:
Слева направо: профессор Нейля Адельшиновна Милешина, профессор Георгий Абелович Таварткиладзе, профессор Эрнст Ленхардт, профессор Николай Сергеевич Дмитриев







Aidai, Muhammad, Sezim, Sultan, Asir, Muslim, Ailin, Ademi, Alinur und Alman – zehn weitere Kinder aus Kyrgyzstan haben noch knapp vor Weihnachten und Corona zum Trotz ihr Cochlear Implantat bekommen. Prof. Dr. Tino Just, Dr. Iryna Driamina vom KMG Klinikum in Güstrow und ich sind am 12.12. 2020 für eine Woche nach Bishkek gereist, wo am „National Center of Maternity and Childhood Care“ (das vom Gesundheitsministerium der Kirgisischen Republik für das CI Programm nominiert wurde) alle zehn Operationen erfolgreich durchgeführt wurden.

Unsere Reise von Berlin bzw. Zürich über Istanbul nach Bishkek und retour war infolge der zahlreichen Vorschriften und Erfordernissen beschwerlich (wie z.B. mehrfache PCR Tests, Maskenpflicht sowohl auf den Flughäfen als auch auf den doch relativ langen Flügen, Verbot einen Trolley ins Flugzeug mitzunehmen, was mich am Flughafen in Zürich zum Umpacken im wahrsten Sinn des Wortes auf den Boden zwang. Schweres Gepäck, da Prof. Just eine moderne Bohrmaschine mit allem Zubehör als Geschenk mitbrachte und ich so viele Dinge, die bei uns im Überfluss und in Kyrgyzstan Mangelware sind). Doch wir sind uns einig: das Risiko hat sich gelohnt!

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WORLD NEWS – THE LEHNHARDT FOUNDATION – Charity projects under Corona conditions

Publikation in EURO-CIU December 2020

The Corona crisis is having a profound effect on all areas of life as we are all experiencing.

We at the Lehnhardt Foundation also had to learn that the otherwise not easy handling of charity projects for deaf children who are supposed to receive a hearing implant did not become easier during this time.  Moreover, if these affected children coming from non-European countries are to be provided with a CI system in Germany, the task becomes even more complex under these conditions.

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Curriculum Vitae Dr. Dr. h.c. Monika Lehnhardt

Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany wurde in Wien geboren und promovierte dort an der Alma Mater Rudolfina Universität. Sie erhielt ihren Doktortitel nach dem Studium der Philologie, Psychologie und Philosophie. Sie hatte unterschiedliche Positionen in namhaften Firmen wie Schering (Berlin), Monsanto (Düsseldorf und Brüssel), Pharmacia (Freiburg) und sie gründete die Firma Cochlear Europe in Basel im Jahre 1987.
Von 1987 bis 1999 leitete sie die Firma als Chief Executive Officer. Während dieses Zeitraums wuchs die Firma von 2 auf 70 Angestellte. Weitere Büros wurden in London und Hannover etabliert.
1999 schied sie aus der Position des CEO aus und übernahm Management Aufgaben zur weiteren Geschäfts- und Kundenentwicklung. In dieser Zeit übte sie eine sehr intensive Reisetätigkeit in ganz Europa, in den USA und Australien aus.
2004 bis 2008 konzentrierte sie ihre Aktivitäten auf die Länder Zentral- und Osteuropas, vom Baltikum bis Russland, Ukraine und Kasachstan.
Bis heute hält sie Vorträge an wissenschaftlichen Kongressen und organisiert Konferenzen für Fachleute und Eltern von Kindern mit Cochlear Implantat.
Sie hat eine Reihe von Publikationen auf dem Gebiet des Cochlear Implantats vorzuweisen (technische, audiologische und Aspekte zur Rehabilitation).
Seit 2002 ist sie Vorsitzende des Vorstands  der Lehnhardt Stiftung, die sie 1994 gemeinsam mit Prof. Ernst Lehnhardt gründete (

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Liza is getting access to better hearing – despite the Coronapandemic

This article was published in the EURO-CIU newsletter in June 2020

Regardless of the exceptionally challenging circumstances, caused by the Coronapandemic, which also affected CI recipients and candidates all over the world, wecould help Lize in the Ukraine to get her CI within a rather short time.We “met” Liza ́s mother Jana 5 months ago “Online“ and she convinced us about theurgency to support her daughter to get access to better hearing: Liza does not onlysuffer from bilateral severe hearing loss, she is also nearly blind.We collected all the necessary documents (medical / audiological / CT, MRT and adescription of the financial situation of the family as well as the social environment),translated and submitted them to potential sponsors in Germany.

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