Stella: one of my life goals

Dear Monika Lehnhardt, it’s Stella, I’m writing this letter to convey to you my gratitude. I’m really happy to have this chance, this greatest opportunity, honestly I had given up hope by then, but yeah nothing is impossible in this world.

  I went to Gayane for a hearing aid fitting yesterday, here is the photo  ( my mom took it).

 Everything is pretty good, I know all the functions of this model, and I watched a video about how to connect it to my phone, it works great. There are such sayings : “There are no coincidences in this world” and “Nothing happens for no  reason”, many people many relatives think it’s a tragedy I lost my hearing ability, but you know I guess it’s great, I don’t know why, I just feel so, I’m not unhappy about it, of course sometimes it’s uncomfortable, “deafness separate people from people” it’s a fact, but I’m still glad .  I’m also studying sign language. I want to be closer to the world of the deaf, to understand people who have no opportunity to hear, who communicate in sign language, to help them in the future. This is one of my life goals.  So yeah, I’m really thankful, you are a great person, helping people is one of the hardest work, I sincerely wish you all the best that can happen to you

WORLD NEWS – THE LEHNHARDT FOUNDATION – Charity projects under Corona conditions

Publikation in EURO-CIU December 2020

The Corona crisis is having a profound effect on all areas of life as we are all experiencing.

We at the Lehnhardt Foundation also had to learn that the otherwise not easy handling of charity projects for deaf children who are supposed to receive a hearing implant did not become easier during this time.  Moreover, if these affected children coming from non-European countries are to be provided with a CI system in Germany, the task becomes even more complex under these conditions.

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